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Our line of trocars is designed to provide the surgeon with an excellent experience, thanks to their different sizes and lengths that provide uninhibited abdominal access.
Furthermore, thanks to the seal (valve) it has, the surgical instrument remains steady and firm, allowing the surgeon a greater maneuverability during the procedure without the loss of pneumoperitoneum in the abdominal cavity.
  5.7mm (short) w/ 1 or 2 cannulas.
  5.7 mm (long) w/ 1 or 2 cannulas.
  10 mm with w/ reduction to 5mm (short and long).
  12 mm with w/ reduction to 5 and 10 mm (short and long).
Main features
Our trocars from Apple do not need any kind of external valve or cover.
Due to the bluish color of the trocar, there is no laser or optical reflection, because the excess of light and the glare generated in the procedure are absorbed by the trocar.
Our different models allow the surgeon to choose the correct trocar according to the procedure’s requirements. Similarly they assure, thanks to the various internal diameters (from 5.7 mm to 12 mm); the use of instruments of various sizes.
The threaded design of the cannulas allows them to be held in place by the abdominal wall.
It also eliminates the instrumental friction when they slide in or out though the cannula.
Different models and sizes are offered as alternatives.
Single sterile packaging.
Origin: USA.
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