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Our different models of insufflation effectively prevent cross contamination between the patient and insufflator, which is a potential risk in every kind of procedure. These models are designed to ensure compatibility with all the insufflators available in the market.
Main features


Standard Insufflation Filter and Tubing Set.
  Stryker Insufflation Filter and Tubing Set.  
Storz / Wolf Insufflation Filter and Tubing Set.
All of our lines of filters have a .99995 filtration efficiency, which delivers the maximum protection for the patient and for the insufflator.
Our filters are designed to withstand high gas flow rates which guarantees rapid insufflation during the procedure.
Its easy installation and use makes it very comfortable for the medical personnel.
This filter will help to increase the life of the insufflator and will prevent the excessive cost of infections contracted in the operating room.
It has different machine connections ensuring compatibility with the most common insufflator brands, such as: Stryker, Storz, Smith & Nephew.
Its price in terms of quality is significantly lower compared to other products available in the market.
Single sterile packaging.
Origin: England.
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