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Our H/S catheter set for sonohysterography and hysterosalpingography is comprised of a latex-free ballon-bearing catheter, insertion case and 1.5 cc syringe. This catheter can be used with water-based contrast materials.
The catheter is designed to be used in the administration of contrast materials during sonohysterography and hysterosalpingography procedures with the purpose of detecting uterine alterations such as: polyps, myomas, endometrium adhesion or thickness and Fallopian tube permeability.


H/S sonohysterography catheter
It is recommended to avoid the treatment in patients that are suspected to be pregnant, have an infection, intense bleeding or STDs.
Do not exceed the recommended volume of inflation of the 1.5 cc balloon.
The use of oil-based contrast materials, such as ethyl esters, can affect the catheter balloon, causing it to break.
Some patients can experience hypersensitivity to contrast materials.
Single sterile packaging.
Origin: USA.
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