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Our line of Inlay Optima Stents continues the legacy of the Inlay Stent but there are two important differences that the Optima line delivers:
Thanks to its composition, it delivers a solution to the problem of urine calcium salt accumulation.
The Inlay Optima stent has an indwelling time up to 365 days, which eliminates the need of the physician or patient to review and change the stent for a period of time.
  Inlay Optima Stent 4.7Fr – 26 cms.
  Inlay Optima Stent 6 Fr – 26 cms.
  Its ultra-smooth surface and the ability to soften at body temperature allow, just like the Inlay line of stents, unique comfort and easy insertion of the stent.
Main features
Its tapered tip and lubricated coating promote an effective and smooth insertion around any obstruction that could be found during the procedure.
Its hydrophilic layer activates creating a “cushion” between the stent and the tissue, minimizing the friction and providing a fast and easy insertion.
The composition of the stent softens up to 50% at body temperature, promoting comfort and minimal friction.
Single sterile packaging.
Origin: USA.
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