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Our filter for mechanical ventilation is a product that has a high bacterial/viral efficiency since it controls and retains 99.9999% of any kind of bacteria and virus associated with the mechanical ventilation or intubation of a patient and, at the same time, it perfectly performs the function of interchanging heat and moisture for patients connected to mechanical ventilation.
  Filter for mechanical ventilation with side port .


Main features
Our filter has a hydrophobic membrane inside that prevents the passing of 99.9999% of the microorganisms transmitted by cross contamination between the breathing system and the patient.
The filter also has a second, hygroscopic membrane that provides the perfect conditions for the thermal-moisturization of patient.
Our product allows the reuse of vent circuits, reducing the cost and time of replacing them.
It includes a 15 mm pleated extensor flexitube than can be detached and used for better positioning of the filter.
The filter should be used at the patient's end of the breathing line.
In the case that nebulisation is necessary, it must be performed between the endotracheal tube and the filter.
Single sterile packaging.
Maximal time of use: 24 hours.
Origin: USA.
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