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The unique design of our “Mobius®” abdominal retractor provides less traumatic maximum retraction, avoiding overpressure on the incision and tissues during surgical procedures.
Main features


Mobius (mini).
  Mobius (Medium).
  Mobius (Large).
  Mobius (XL).
Unlike standard retractors, Mobius distributes the retraction force evenly over the incision, not just at the standard retraction points.
The elastic walls around the retractor maximize the diameter of the working area, providing up to 50% more exposure and visualization than conventional retractors.
It adapts to the different thicknesses of abdominal walls.
It completely lines the incision, keeping the wound moist and protecting the edges from potential contamination.
The simplicity of its use reduces the time of surgical procedures.
There are different models and sizes for the various procedures performed by the medical staff, starting from 2cm up to 17 cms.
Single sterile packaging and latex-free.
Origin: USA.
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