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Our different models of needles have concentric dual lumen that permit aspiration and washing through two separate conducts, preventing the washing fluid from making contact with the aspiration.
All the models have a 16G lumen, allowing the fast and easy retrieval of aspirated oocytes, while at the same time reducing the quantity of the medium required for the procedure.


Dual lumen needle 16 G x 32 cms x 700 mm
  Dual lumen needle 16 G x 32 cms x 900 mm

Dual lumen needle 16 G x 35 cms x 700 mm

Main features
Its double-angled beveled tip design allows for a smoother and easier penetration of the tissue, obtaining excellent definition in the ultrasound.
The handle has a bevel orientation indicator, which is easy to control and comfortable for the user.
Polyurethane tubing that is smooth and free of kinks.
The length of the tubing is perfect, because the dead space and the travel of the aspiration is less than with the use of alternatives offered in the market.
All the needles include a silicone plastic device in the proximal end of the needle that facilitates movement by the user.
Its excellent price in relation to quality makes it stand out from other alternatives.
There is no risk of backflush of the aspired content through the needle.
Different models and sizes are offered as alternatives.
Single sterile packaging.
Origin: USA.
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