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Our broad line of monopolar scissors and graspers provide the user with better control, excellent tissue cutting ability, vessel transection and many more possible applications required in different surgical procedures.
Main features
Our line of single use scissors and graspers help to reduce costs on sterilization and minimize inventory costs.
The finger rotation wheel offers 360 º adjustments for accurate control of the distal tip. The color coded finger rotation wheel ensures instant instrument identification in the surgical field.


Metzenbaum Monopolar Scissors, 5 mm x 33 cms.
  Maryland Monopolar Forceps, 5 mm x 33 cms.
  Monopolar LapClinch, 5 mm x 33 cms.
  Straight monopolar grasping forceps, 5 mm x 33 cms.  
  Intestinal monopolar forceps, 5 mm x 33 cms.
  Rat Tooth monopolar LapClinch, 5 mm x 33 cms.
  Monopolar Babcock grasper, 5 mm x 33 cms.
All of our scissors and graspers have a ratchet mechanism that allows the quick and easy activation and release of the position of the instruments.
The ergonomic handle provides tactile feedback for high precision surgeries.
Monopolar cable (4 mm or 8 mm) placement is located in an unobtrusive strategical position to avoid disturbing the medical staff.
All models of the 5 mm scissors and graspers can be found in the following lengths: 17, 33, 44 cms long.
Single sterile packaging. Every piece includes its monopolar cable.
Origin: England
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